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Atualizado: 27 de fev. de 2021

If you promise

that you will take care of me

that I'll be more than I think of myself

that you will be condescending to my congenital rebellion

that you will be beyond my fire

my goddess and my imaginative reincarnation

I promise you too

to drop, even today, EVERYTHING

and begin, WITH YOU, the journey of passion so often augured

from the moment of your promise-swear.

If you promise me the Sea

I guarantee you a Sailor

in these waters of the Indian Ocean

If you promise me the Moon

I swear I'll give you

the baby Jesus Christ to inhabit this passionate planet

If you promise me your I

I'll give you too my I

to complete this passionate equation

started millions of years ago

before our physical existence.

Promise me that I'll be the essence of all the lyric poetry that runs through your veins

Promise me that your name will only taste my voice and the frequencies of my passionate thoughts

Promise me that you'll accept to be stolen only by ME

and may your I be the key to this PASSIONATE DOOR

And I promise that

I will unlock my heart for you to dwell in it for ETERNITY.

Stefan Florana Dick

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