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Birth of a love

Atualizado: 28 de fev. de 2021

(there are always two objects for the spark to fire)

I am of those who thought

that love began

with a provocative and tasty look

with an electrifying touch

with a mellifluous voice entering the eardrums of the


with a lyrical word

with a spicy odor awakening passion cells

with a suggested hope between words and gestures

with a willingness to want to be the verse of a poem

or merge into the I of the target object

with a dream fertilized by tons of desires

and Today tells me

that LOVE simply begins when it begins


it begins with a passionate button

(always depending on the occasion)

producing sensations that settle in the imagination

And then

all sentimental intrinsic lamps light up

Or on the other

Love simply begins as an electric current

that turns into a passion current

and begins to illuminate the meaning of life.

But how does love really begin?

If you compare it with cough

it explodes when less expected

not caring about Who When Where

Is that cough does not respect the social and ethical circumstances


More than ever

begins when Heaven and Earth

go into sentimental collusion

and the sun revolves around a passionate desire.

Stefan Florana Dick

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