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Cogitations about loving

Atualizado: 28 de fev. de 2021

Love will always be like this:

with or without tears

with or without disappointments-disenchantments

with or without spicy wills

with or without inner fire spying on the dream horizon

But the right thing is:

love can never be give-up

love is never resignation

love is never take there gives here

love is the combination of two follies that one desires

love is the water running through the interior of every passionate city

built under looks of mixed pains and joys

And in love there are no recipes MADE IN

saying what one should do

nor what you can't try

love is not to turn on and off the lamp to the good will

what is certain is:

To love is simply to love.

Some people preach

that in love there must be delivery, respect, complicity


Someone never gives himself to someone else

surrenders, yes, to moments, only moments, made eternity

it makes a point of delivering pieces of themselves

and never the I itself complete.

To love is to feel the fire

that is vented from contact

of two unknown-known souls.

To love is to elect the other person

and in it to find PEACE, comfort, the meaning of LIFE.

Love can't be more

that the recombination of one I plus another I

Love is the search for the I in the Other

And the other is no longer

than the mirror of our imaginations.

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