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Florana Blues

Sometimes I feel like writing things I don't understand myself

and whenever that passionate energy comes to mind,

I turn to my self

and I try to rummage through the most poetic part of me

and give me reason that I can also be poet

And every time I read other people's poems

I’m assaulted by responsibility

to be an expert builder of futuristic verses

Every time I think I exist

I carry my pride of a refined reader

and I become God of my own poetic creation.

Every time I love a woman and I’m not reciprocated

I also think of those who love me and I care little about their displeasures

I rethink the bottled loves of many people,

I think of the men and women who can't recite a poem to their partners

For many times I feel

that the WORLD could be different

if each of us

know for sure of his own valence

and that the name of the father-mother-brother-son-neighbor-boyfriend-friend

or the place of birth,

the tribe or languages that are spoken

were only milestones for the identification of the Subject

Sometimes I think that all that I write

is nothing but intimate lucubrations

but I stop and wonder: will there really be poetry that is different from

laments dismays desires ideas images judgments opinions dreams projects idealizations weeping anxieties, celebrations...

Anyway, will there be the I without the YOU and vice versa?

Every time poetry seeps into me

I wrap myself in silence

and I seek distant loves that no longer have aromas of the past

but that I still find in them lyrical reminiscences

with which I feel THIS passionate traveler

of the time lived with all its nuances and adventures.

Sometimes I think that in this homeland

that's mine from head to toe

there are traitors who sell it

by cheap smiles

empty promises

traitors who bind the country to strange interests.

And the question is:

Do men betray the fatherland by simply betraying

or is there something wrong with this patriotic experience

that no longer creates revolutionary appetites for us?!

Stefan Florana Dick

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