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The death of Stefan Florana Dick

Atualizado: 27 de fev. de 2021

I feel like I’m dying a little bit every day

and every time I think so

I wonder how I’ll be remembered after I die definitely

by the women I have loved throughout the times of my existence

by friends of daily and fictitious coexistence

by the superiors

who had in me

an obedient subordinate

a helpful friend

and also by those who were to me authentic sons of bitches

by my own subordinates in the different places where I worked

by colleagues and friends of different Ministries and State institutions

by the simple friends of circumstances

who depended on me for their social ascent

by the children who had me as a father-friend-counselor-mentor

by all those who dealt with the different characters of Stefan....


I think of the posthumous trials...

But what does it matter

those who will think of me after my death

if I won't be among the guys to applaud the lies

and not even to defend myself from demonization!!!

Thinking about death

I wish I could wake up on the third day.

and see-hear-feel with my own Self

the testimonies of the others

about the real essence of Me under your lenses

with truths and untruths made my Biography!

And the funniest of it all

will be the farewell speeches of friends

always with beautiful words by colouring the moment-the moments

even though they know I wasn't a hundred percent this all they'll say

When death comes

I want the ones who met me in the various versions of life

not to forget certain things:

I've been friend of my friends

I was intolerant of the evil-dishonest-rascals

I was a cheerful and correct person for clean SOULS

I know death will steal my body

will create my absence in the heart of those who wanted me for good

and leave intact my thoughts about THE EXISTENCE

And most certainly:

the Stefan-poet will live forever

until the day that poetry will no longer have its value.

The death of Stefan Florana Dick

it's a matter of time

and when the time comes

I don't want there to be any surprises,

that the destiny of Humanity is this rebirth

that manifests itself through birth-growth-reproduction-death.

Stefan Florana Dick

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